Parent and Guardian Webinar Series 2024

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Join the Cyber Safety Project and special guest experts as they explore a diverse range of topics pertinent to raising children in a digital age.

  • Protecting Children Online – Kristi McVee (Child Abuse Prevention & Education)
  • The Sexual World of the 21st Century Adolescent – Daniel Principe
  • Talk to Me First: Exposure to Explicit Content – Justine Keily-Scott (Sex Education Australia)
  • Game Aware – Healthy Gaming – Andrew Kinch (Game Aware)
  • Building Digital Resilience – Ash Manuel (Growing with Gratitude)
  • My First Mobile Device – Luca Gennai (Cyber Safety Project)

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Join the Cyber Safety Project and special guest experts as they explore a diverse range of topics pertinent to raising children in a digital age.


  1. Protecting Children Online | Available now on-demand
    Kristi McVee (Child Abuse Prevention & Education) & Trent Ray (Cyber Safety Project)
  2. The Sexual World of the 21st Century Adolescent | Available now on-demand
    Daniel Principe & Trent Ray (Cyber Safety Project)
  3. Talk to Me First: Exposure to Explicit Content | Available now on-demand
     Justine Keily-Scott (Sex Education Australia) & Trent Ray (Cyber Safety Project)
  4. Game Aware – Healthy Gaming | 30 July 2024
    Andrew Kinch (Game Aware) & Sam Macaulay (Cyber Safety Project)
  5. Building Digital Resilience | 3 September 2024
    Ash Manuel (Growing with Gratitude) & Trent Ray (Cyber Safety Project)
  6. My First Mobile Device | 22 October 2024
    Luca Gennai (Cyber Safety Project) & Trent Ray (Cyber Safety Project)


Live online via Zoom with on-demand rewatch (available within 24 hours of live webinar) until 31st December 2024.

All live webinars begin at 7:30pm (AEDT/AEST) and run for approximately 45 minutes.


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Available now on-demand

Our Protecting Children Online webinar will empower families with the knowledge required to safeguard children from the risks they face online. In a fast-paced digital landscape, adults have access to children online through gaming and social platforms, bringing about the necessity for robust protective strategies.

  • Discover the risks of child exploitation in digital spaces
  • Know how to meet the online safety needs of your family
  • Explore protective behaviours and parenting strategies to overcome risk
  • Learn to recognise grooming and red flags
  • Combat online child exploitation and sextortion.

Speaker: Kristy McVee
A retired Detective Senior Constable and child abuse prevention expert, Kristi founded CAPE-AU and authored “Operation KidSafe.” Her 9 years as a Specialist Child Interviewer and 4 years in child abuse investigation, coupled with an Advanced Diploma in Public Safety, underpin her expertise in this field. Kristi now dedicates her work in building awareness of child exploitation and online safety.

Available now on-demand

This webinar is suitable for parents and guardians of children 12 to 17 years of age.

Join us for The Sexual World of the 21st Century Adolescent as we address the concerning repercussions of p*rnographic content on youth, including altered norms and behaviours from an early age. Drawing on global studies and narratives, we will outline the detrimental influence of exposure to explicit content on young minds and interpersonal connections.

  • Obtain actionable strategies to help young people develop resilience, uphold boundaries, and pursue respectful, empathetic relationships
  • Understand how se*ualised media impacts body image, mental health and respectful relationships
  • Explore how consent and boundaries are undermined by social pressures and p*rn culture
  • Learn how to help young people develop the confidence to act according to their values and boundaries.

Speaker: Daniel Principe
Daniel, an advocate with Collective Shout, collaborates with schools and communities to confront p*rn culture and sexualisation, promoting a virtuous concept of masculinity. With a diverse background in health, public relations, and politics, he’s dedicated to educating youth on the negative impacts of media and societal influences. Daniel is an experienced speaker, podcast host of ‘Reimagining Masculinity,’ and a media presence, committed to nurturing resilient young individuals.

Available now on-demand

This webinar is suitable for parents and guardians of children 5 to 12 years of age.

Our Talk To Me First – Exposure to Explicit Content webinar will explore how exposure to inappropriate content is affecting young children and the ways we can limit its negative impact on their wellbeing. Discover why starting the conversation with children will encourage them to come to us, without fear of judgement or punishment, if they see inappropriate material online.

  • Learn how to start the conversation about explicit or inappropriate content
  • Recognise why and when you may need to talk to children
  • Discover how best to respond if your child has seen explicit or inappropriate content
  • Learn where to seek help and support outside of the home

Speaker: Justine Kiely-Scott
With over 30 years in education, Justine is a passionate advocate for quality sexuality and relationships education. Co-founder of Sex Education Australia, Justine excels in guiding educators, empowering parents, and innovating in teaching methods. She holds a Grad Dip in Adolescent Health & Welfare, B.App.Sci in P.E., M.Ed in Sport Sociology, and Grad Dip in TESOL.

30 JULY 2024 | 7.30PM – 8.15PM AEDT

Get Game Aware as we arm families with the tools and knowledge to achieve a healthy relationship with gaming at home. You’ll discover it’s all about finding balance – If gaming, was all positive, we wouldn’t have parents and healthcare professional’s concerns. If gaming was all negative, we wouldn’t see the joy and sense of community and belonging that it can bring.

  • Learn why children are gaming instead of doing other activities
  • Understand the culture and psychology of gaming
  • Discover where the line blurs between healthy and unhealthy gaming
  • Learn how to help children build resilience and gain life perspective

Speaker: Andrew Kinch
Andrew is on a mission to help parents and young people build healthier relationships with gaming. With 30 years gaming experience and 15 years of wellbeing and teaching experience, his skillset is primed to tackle this issue by using Intelligent Gaming Strategies to help gamers enjoy their games without it being the number one priority in their lives.

3 SEP 2024 | 7.30PM – 8.15PM AEDT

Living, learning, connecting and playing online is now part of the social fabric of our community, especially kids. Join us for Building Digital Resilience and learn how to support your child to master digital resilience by learning key competencies, nurturing gratitude amidst online noise, and developing empathy for positive interactions. Discover how to create impactful digital footprints and to use platforms to forge communities that strengthen both personal and collective resilience.

  • Understand the pillars of digital resilience
  • Explore gratitude in a digital world
  • Unpack the importance of building empathy online
  • Discuss positive digital footprints
  • Learn how to establish resilience through connection.

Speaker: Ash Manuel
Ash, a former Adelaide PE teacher, founded Growing With Gratitude after realizing the positive impact of gratitude and happiness on success. His program promotes mental wellbeing in children worldwide, teaching resilience through kindness and empathy, and is now a global leader in positive education, reaching students in 45 countries.

22 OCT 2024 | 7.30PM – 8.15PM AEDT

When is the right time for your child to have a device? Our My First Mobile Device webinar will help parents and guardians determine the right time for the young people in their home to take on the responsibility of managing their first mobile phone, tablet/iPad/laptop or gaming console. We will explore how to manage settings to keep them safe online and how to establish boundaries early for a healthy relationship with technology.

  • Learn how to manage device settings to optimise safety
  • Explore device management tools
  • Understand how to create boundaries around screen time
  • Learn how to establish open conversations at home when things go wrong online

Speaker: Luca Gennai
Luca is the Cyber Safety Project’s resident tech guru. With a Bachelor Degree in Computer Science and work experience at Telstra, he has vast technical insights and brings a fresh perspective on all things cyber security. As part of his work as a Cyber Security expert at Telstra, Luca helps level up organisational cyber security across systems and hardware.

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