Parent Guide: Netflix Cartoons Too Crass for Kids

“There’s nothin’ on telly!”  Remember that time? Kids… you won’t! But back in the good ol’ days your parents had to find something else to do – ride their bike, read a book, or play with their siblings – while they waited for their favourite TV show to be aired. We’re not talking just minutes here either! It could have been hours, sometimes even days or weeks! So just spare a thought when you have to wait 30 seconds for your show to load or buffer.

With Netflix and other streaming services making it simple for young children to watch their favourite (and potentially unfavourable) episodes on demand we are now faced with yet another challenge of managing what, how, when and where children can get their hands on adult-themed content. At first glance these animated series may look innocent enough. However … be warned: they are not designed for children. Here we list three Netflix original animated series gaining popularity with Australian audiences …  AND likely to be topics of playground chatter at a school near you!


Big Mouth is an animation centred around a humorous view upon the modern adolescent. This series characterises a group of teens who are obsessed with sex and exploration of their genitalia and sexualities. Whilst much of this content is relatable and humorous to a mature audience, you would be mortified to find your younger children exposed to the mature themes, animated nudity and sexual behaviours, drug and alcohol references and highly explicit language.

What makes this so inappropriate?

Animated nudity, sexual references, explicit language and jokes referencing drugs and alcohol


Bojack Horseman is an animated series set in an alternate world, where humans and anthropomorphic animals live side by side. Bojack Horseman plans his big return to celebrity relevance through writing a tell-all autobiography about his life post his starring in a 1990’s sitcom Horsin’ Around. Alongside having a satirical take on current events, politics, and show business, BoJack Horseman’s underlying themes focus on dealing with depression, trauma, addiction and self-destructive behaviour.

What makes this so inappropriate?

Substance abuse, violence, explicate language and adult themes.


Castlevania is an adaptation of a classic video game about vampire hunters with the main objective of killing and destroying enemies. The nature of this show is violent with regular, excessive and dramatised fight scenes that result in bloody deaths.

What makes this so inappropriate?

Excessive and brutal violence, blood and gore.

Managing your child’s access to Netflix

Our advice? Take advantage of parent controls in Netflix and ensure the above Netflix original Cartoon series too crass for kids are added to your Restricted Titles within the Netflix Parental Control settings.