Positive cyber safety at home.

Enabling parents and families to ensure
young people can participate safely
​and responsibly in their digital world.


Across six key cyber safety and digital wellbeing topics, the Cyber Safety Project team will help you confidently kick start crucial conversations with the young people in your home.

Suitable for Parents and Guardians and their children (8-14 years of age).


Through a series of 3 x 30 minute, on-demand webinars, the Cyber Safety Project team share insights and practical resources to help support and manage online child safety in the home.

Suitable for Parents and Guardians (not suitable for children).

Made for Families.

The Cyber Safety Project’s online family learning platform provides ongoing support and training for managing digital devices, screen time and creating family protocols for digital use in the home.


Cyber Safety Webinars


Informative 30 minute videos.


Links to relevant and supporting content.


Downloadable practical resources.

Webinar Topic 1: Plan, prevent, Protect
The Cyber Safety Project Team will share insights and practical resources to help support and manage online child safety in the home. Introducing parents to a simple methodology PLANNING for the use of technology at home, PREVENTING unsafe encounters and PROTECTING children who connect, learn and play online.
Webinar Topic 2: Keeping kids safe on social media
Whilst it is impossible to know the ins and outs of every single social media platform, there are commonalities across social platforms today. Knowledge is power so we will discuss trending platforms such as Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok and Houseparty and provide practical tips that can be immediately implemented to keep kids safe.
Webinar Topic 3: Keeping kids safe who game
Gaming today is social. It’s where young people go to play, connect and communicate with their friends. This webinar will uncover the appeal of gaming, expose the ways game developers encourage young people to regularly play and provide practical tips for helping to manage screen time and the development of self regulation skills in young gamers.

Cyber Safety & Digital Wellbeing Family Workshop


Relevant and up-to-date cyber safety topics to work through as a family.


On-demand videos to help introduce each lesson.


Kick start discussions to explore scenarios for each lesson.
Workshop Module 1: Why it's not always safe online
We tell young people that they need to ‘be cyber safe’, but why? In this module we’ll explore the imperative for why we need to be cautious online and introduce everyone to Tricky People, Unwanted and Cyberbullies.
Workshop Module 2: All the spaces you'll go
Most digital tools fall into three easy to understand categories. By sorting out our understanding of personal, private and public spaces online we can start to level up our safety in all the spaces we go.
Workshop Module 3: Connecting Online
The internet is a window to the world. Enabling us to connect, communicate and collaborate with people across the globe. It’s time to talk about who we are connecting with and establish our criteria for accepting online friends.
Workshop Module 4: Our family information
An explicit conversation about what we classify as personal family information and details about our family that are ok to be shared publicly. In this module we’ll sort out what’s safe to share and how to keep our family safe online.
Workshop Module 5: Settings for success
The settings cog or three dot ellipses (…) are a digital users best friend. With many features available to help keep us safe, secure and well, it’s time to explore the tools that already exist to protect ourselves, friends and family online.
Workshop Module 6: Sorting out screen time
Time is not always the best measure of a healthy digital balance, it’s what we’re doing with technology that can impact on our digital wellbeing. Let’s work together to make important decisions about how we are using technology at our place.


Conversation Checklist

Start the chat today and normalise technology conversations in your home. Use this checklist to ensure you’ve got all of the important digital safety and wellbeing conversation topics covered.

Family Digital Use Agreement

Work together as a family to establish your digital use guidelines and create an agreement for how, when, where and why technology is used by everyone at your place.

Digital Balance Challenge

Help the young people in your home establish healthy habits and self-manage their own digital balance. Use the Cyber Safety Project Digital Balance Challenge Calendar or create your own.

My First Phone Agreement

We’ve created the My First Phone Agreement to help you and your children establish a proactive plan when they receive their first phone or mobile device.

Cyber Security At Home Guide

Level up your home cyber security using our easy-to-understand guide – information in simple language and practical steps you can implement right away.

The Cyber Safety Blog

Stay up to date with the latest in cyber safety and digital wellbeing including news, tips, advice, app updates and facts about the latest digital trends.


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