Engaging Younger Learners in Online Safety – Cyber Safety Project team up with Pevan & Sarah

Introducing an abstract concept, such as cyber safety and digital wellbeing, to younger learners has involved some very creative thinking. Social & Emotional Learning plays a vital role in our proactive cyber safety and digital wellbeing educational framework, so, “Thinking About How You Feel” can keep you safe online.

It’s crucial to help young learners understand why it isn’t always safe online. The people we connect with or encounter online, such as Strangers, Tricky People and Unkind People may sometimes make us feel ‘unsafe’. We teach students that unsafe or heavy feelings (such as scared, worried, nervous, sad, mad, angry or confused) should lead them to S.T.O.P and seek help.

Our BIG QUESTION during development of this strategy was working out how can we make learning about online safety effective, fun and memorable. We need young people to have an enduring strategy for managing their own cyber safety and digital wellbeing.

To achieve this, we reached out to our friends Manny and Sarah from the Pevan & Sarah team. This collaboration was a no brainer because as educators themselves, they too are passionate about creating fun, engaging and educational music, videos and resources for kids, teachers and parents.

With our powers combined, we think we’ve created something pretty magical. In fact, we are confident we’re about to give ‘Baby Shark’ a run for its money. To help our Foundation to Year 2 learners remember and practice our S.T.O.P cyber safety strategy, the experts at team Pevan & Sarah have helped us craft an absolute banging kids track. We have no doubt everyone will be catching themselves singing it on repeat once you hear it!

We’re huge fans of Pevan & Sarah’s work. They’ve created hundreds of educational videos and printable resources covering a large range of topics that are the perfect engagement tool for the classroom. Everything from literacy to numeracy, emotional and social well being as well brain breaks, interactive games and a bunch of classroom tools that are absolute lifesavers for junior teachers. You can learn more about the amazing work the Pevan & Sarah team are doing to help educators create positive memories in the classroom via their Cub Club website.

The exciting part: from Term 2 2022, our partnership schools will get to see and sing along with S.T.O.P (Cyber Safety Song) in our live incursions and digi-cursions. They’ll also have replay access to the music video in the Cyber Safety Project Curriculum Portal. If you’re already a Cyber Safety Project Curriculum school, click here to listen now!