Cyber Safety Project Program Effectiveness Report

In a classroom, time and resources are valuable. When educators invest in a program, it needs to be easy to implement and make a positive impact on the knowledge and behaviours of students.

In 2022, Cyber Safety Project engaged Lewers, an independent research agency, to help measure and understand the effectiveness of our program in schools.



The Cyber Safety Project’s program for school communities has a positive impact on students’ safety knowledge and behaviours, which is retained longitudinally.

Lewers Research

Lewers Stats Highlights


Three schools were involved across a variety of sectors. Each school implemented Cyber Safety Project incursions, teacher development and curriculum. Lewers designed an online survey tailored to students in Grades 3-6 which was completed soon before the incursion, in the days following the incursion, and two months after the incursion.



From the lessons and incursion with the Cyber Safety Project I learnt heaps. How to tell if a website is credible, how I can protect my identity while online and the differences between public, private and personal spaces online. Most importantly I learnt the places I can go if you are being cyber bullied online and where you can go to get help.

Grade 5 Student, Research School



School Impact Snapshots



Program Impact Full Report




Implement a program in your school to empower your students to manage their cyber security, cyber safety and digital wellbeing.



[Cyber Safety Project] outline scenarios that our children can or will come across and they use child friendly language to explain how to stay safe, how to behave online, and alerts them to the possible consequences which children may assume will never happen to them.

Digital Technologies Leader, Research School