About us.



Creating cyber safe communities!

The Cyber Safety Project’s mission is to provide whole communities with future skills, lifelong habits and self-regulation when using digital technologies for work, life and play. To create safer communities our educational programs and proactive teaching strategies will engage the whole community to learn how to participate safely and responsibly ​in a digital world.


to self-manage their own privacy and security and to be responsible digital citizens when using connected technologies.


with the tools and resources to develop proactive strategies through working with students, parents and the wider community.


and the wider community to assist in fostering a positive and safe digital environments in the home.


It takes a village to raise a child!
​To ensure that we support and empower ALL students to be safe and responsible users of digital technologies both at home and school, we must arm ALL educators, parents and the wider community with digital literacy skills and resources.

The Cyber Safety Project partners with schools and  community organisations to ensure school leaders, educators, parents and the wider community are kept ​up-to-date with the latest trending digital topics. We provide space and time to learn and understand the way students can connect and interact through digital platforms, devices, sites, apps and gaming networks.


Our school based programs provide students, educators and parents with the latest cyber safety, security and digital wellbeing information.

Our F – 8 curriculum compliments our sessions, providing educators with ongoing sequenced lessons linked to the National Curriculum.

The core outcomes of our program include:

  • ​Educators are aware of relevant digital citizenship elements of the digital technologies curriculum, and their ethical and social responsibilities
  • Educators understand current digital literacies and trends impacting on young people in their care
  • Educators are able to design learning to achieve the cyber/digital technologies outcomes for students
Meet the team.
Trent Headshot


Director & Cyber Safety Educator

Trent has over 15 years experience working as a primary/secondary school teacher and leader in Australian Schools. More recently, Trent’s roles include Co-Founder of the Cyber Safety Project, Director of Collective Education Australia and working in partnership with the Education team at Microsoft Australia.

Sam Headshot


Lead Cyber Safety Educator

Sam is a primary school teacher whose advocacy for student leadership led him towards becoming a Co-Founder of the Cyber Safety Project. In 2017 Sam was the deserving recipient of the Deakin Community Award for his outstanding contributions to his local community (Deakin Electorate in Melbourne).

Kiah Headshot


Cyber Safety Educator

Kiah is a primary school teacher with a passion for engaging young people to develop the skills they need to independently navigate the online world safely. She is passionate about technology for learning and helping young people take control of their digital balance through wellbeing strategies.

Kate Headshot


National Programs Manager 

Amanda has a passion for helping young people and building strong professional relationships, stemming from her 16 years as a primary school teacher and school leader. With a Masters Degree in Education (Mathematics Leadership) and her time as ICT and Digital Curriculum Leader, you could say she is a numbers girl who knows her way around edutech tools.  

Jac Headshot


Curriculum Lead

Jaclyn is the genius behind the Cyber Safety Project Curriculum who has led many in-school initiatives during her time as a primary school teacher and ICT leader. Jaclyn has a Masters Degree in Education and a passion for equipping other educators with the skills they need to teach digital safety and wellbeing.

Luca Headshot


Cyber Security Officer

Luca is our resident tech guru recently graduating with a Bachelor Degree in Computer Science and a fresh perspective of all things cyber security. His experience working at Telstra and vast technical insights strengthens the cyber security education within all resources for stakeholders in our community.

Kate Headshot


School Partnerhips Coordinator

Jadey is a qualified secondary teacher who has extensive work experience in school marketing and higher education recruitment. As a parent of primary and secondary aged children, Jadey knows first-hand the importance of cyber safety education in today’s dynamic digital landscape.  Jadey is passionate about equipping schools with the tools and knowledge to support their communities with cyber safety education. 

Cyber Safety Project has been endorsed by the eSafety Commissioner as a Trusted eSafety Provider